No Exercise Today!?


Today was the day…

We broke the decision we made yesterday to have no exercise today.

I am very sluggish in the morning until I’ve had my cappuccino, so when Mike said he was walking down to the shops to buy yoghurt, it was never going to be a good idea for me to go with him. But, coffee-less, I did. I just about crawled back!

It was a good work day (more than 5 hours).  Then this afternoon, I decided to take my car back to the garage of our old house until we need it again and I would walk home. I ended up walking up the hills and jogging downhill. I passed a couple of houses on Ranger Rd that we have watched go up during our build. Credit to Werner that ours is done. These ones are almost finished but not yet occupied. They are looking pretty good.

I think the pandemic slowed things down for them more than it did for us. This blue one above took R500 000 to excavate the plot. And it seems like the owner owns the plot next door as well as he’s put in an electricity box for that plot as well. I can’t find before photos, but while looking, I did find photos of our build . All things take time…this is July 2018 – Mike marking out the where the house would go.

Dream big…this was taken 18 September 2018 and I labelled it :The-plot-where-we-will-God-willing-be-building-the-sticks-are-where-side-of-the-house-will-be

When I arrived home from my walk today…there it was!

The sticks were accurate by the way! This was when the stairs were being built right at the beginning…October 2019.

If you have a big mountain to climb, take one step at a time.

And we are still reciting Psalm 127:1 – Unless the Lord builds the house, they that build it labour in vain.

83 steps to our front door is the compromise, but it’s worth every step.

Acts 16:31

Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

The best is yet to come.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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