Christmas Came To Getcha

If there is only one message you listen to this year, let it be this one…

Very close to the end, he says ‘Christmas came to getcha!’.

I found it so insightful. It’s all about Grace.

#988 is for the spinning bike at the gym – put on Andy Stanley and off I go!

Today, I did a whole lot less work than yesterday, but I did get Christmas shopping done and it’s almost finished. Mike’s gift arrived. The Take-a-lot man pitched up; I saw him, quietly went downstairs and collected it. As a back-up I had Stuart message me to say ‘look out for a parcel from Take-a-lot’. I told Mike Stuart had messaged to watch out for a delivery. Later when Mike saw the package, he said, “what’s this?” I told him it was the Stuart thing! “Oh”, he said, “I wonder what he’s bought.” Then I went down to the Mall taking the Take a lot package with me. I prized it open, took out the gift, had it gift wrapped and bought a special packet for it. Then I sealed up the Take-a-lot box again, which was now empty and left it on the dining room table for Stuart! Mike’s gift is now under the Christmas Tree. I still am thinking I should have bought him a R69 pair and wrap that up for him as a joke.

We also took a drive to pick up our personalized Christmas tree decorations which are lovely.

Julian is leaving for the US for ten days, but he will definitely be in our thoughts…

I got for all of us including Truffles!

As I journey towards the end of 2018, I am very aware of how time is slipping by. I remember watching Granny very old and very frail. She would walk slowly across our lounge. She struggled to speak. I remember thinking to myself, “try to embrace these days, because one day she is not going to be here.” And even more disturbing, I thought “one day I will look back and say, ‘wow it’s been 5 years since Granny passed away.'”

She died on 7th October 2013.

It’s been 5 years.

The strange thing about time is that in the moment, it seems to go slowly, but in hindsight it flies by. Teach me to number my days that I may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12). I’ve thought about that verse so much. Numbering my days makes me understand more fully that they will end – that it’s not about now – it’s about eternity where there is no time. There is wisdom in focusing on eternity.

Psalm 37:11

The meek will inherit the land, and enjoy peace and prosperity.

These are the days.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


On the spinning bike – 30km in 1 hour and 10 minutes. I was drenched at the end. As Andy preached, sweat dripped down my forehead and flowed off my chin! 553 calories. It felt good. Spiritual and physical exercise.


35 days.

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