These Are The Days

This is something that I said to someone yesterday: “These are the days”. I can hardly fault them. I need to embrace them – each moment of each day. Each moment in the company of my husband and family when they are around or I am around them. They are priceless days. I cannot get them back. Once tomorrow comes, today is gone forever. I must enjoy it and make it worthwhile.

Life is full of seasons, not only four. The season of babyhood, youth and young adult. The season of singleness may bring with it uncertainty. Then you meet someone and everything changes. And if that person is ‘the one’ the change brings starry eyes and beating hearts. The next step is taken and you get the ring.


It’s like spring has come. There is a hope for the future – an expected glow of expectation of knowing that something exciting is ahead. A new life is about to unfold. It’s a glorious day.

And one that I celebrated 31 years ago today!

There was no engagement shoot. No song and dance and Mike didn’t even go down on one knee. He got off the phone to my mother (who was in Zimbabwe). He had phoned from a call box (which is what you did in those days) in Garden’s Centre.  He said he had to go and do something and I was instructed to wait in the car. I didn’t know he was going to phone my Mom. He walked out of the Mall to the car park where I was waiting. One thing I do remember, he had a big smile on his face. He bubbled over. “I just got off the phone to your mother”, he said.  “Oh really?” I said. “Yes!” “And?” That was the last piece of his plan that he had to put in place. He produced the ring. I gasped. Wow. There it was. A beautiful little three stone ring with two little diamonds either side of a big one. There we were…the two little diamonds, united beside a big big God who has walked by our side for all these years.

We had spoken about marriage up until that point and had even set the date. I just didn’t know when I would get the ring.

9th May 1986 was the day it happened.

And I loved it.

My Mom said “if you hurt her, I’ll have your guts for garters!”

When Adrian was to marry Stacey, I passed the phrase on and told Adrian the same thing!

It’s expected that one day Stacey will say it to her future son-in-law!

What a blessing today is.

#287 of my 1000 thanks is for 31 years engaged. The ring still fits! 🙂

Song of Solomon 6:3

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine;

These are the days!

Keep the smile going!

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


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