Summer in Autumn

Having always thought autumn in Cape Town is March, April and May, we are nearly in the last month of it. The oak trees lining many of Cape Town’s streets have shed their leaves as have the vines that a few months ago were bulging with juicy bunches of grapes. Winter is around the corner, yet the weather today was nothing less than a perfect summer’s day. There was just a gentle breeze. It is difficult to go to gym on such a day. It was definitely a get out and walk day. This afternoon, Mike decided to go to Clovelly driving range, so he dropped me off most of the way there and I walked home…

It wasn’t the first walk I did today. Earlier, after church and some shopping, the sunshine lured me outside and I strolled around the neighbourhood. When I got home, David had arrived. I quickly completed lunch and we all sat down to enjoy it.

It’s been a relaxing day. I found where I can print the 5-part sudoku of the day. What a treat – today’s was moderate so I’m almost done. I also peaked at my email, which is never a good idea. I have got it down to 26 unread ones. I should probably get a start on them this evening.

What I haven’t done is read any of Persuasion. I’m nearly finished it but need to have turned the last page by 30th April. Maybe I’ll do that this evening instead of working. Mike is watching the Grand Prix.

I was shocked to read on FB that Joy/Juig Magazine had been hacked. Read this:

I’m not sure what the latest news is. Keep praying for them.

Isaiah 43:4

Since you were precious in my sight, you have been honoured, and I have loved you.

Regardless of what we go through, we are honoured to have God envelop us with His love and His comfort in time of trouble.

These are the days.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


I walked 8.37km altogether.


Day 166

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