Solar Panel Installation Day…almost


So today dawned fair and bright. No rain in sight. I woke early and did quite a lot of work. It’s  a huge advantage being able to take my laptop to my bed and work all warm and snug. After a few hours, at 9am David and Jack arrived. This was Mike’s team for the day and they did well. Never having installed solar panels before, it wasn’t going to be quick. Roof discussions…

But soon the measurements had been made, holes had been drilled and the railing was installed…

Installing the railing for 9 solar panels took the entire day so the panels are still to be taken up. Mike has other work this week, so it looks like team David and Jack will be back on Saturday to complete the job.  David goes back to school next week so it has to be done before then. They work well together. I was supposed to go to Pilates but stayed home to feed the workers. I also got a lot of work done. Seven hours and 45 minutes. I am trying to work 5 hours a day but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

This afternoon, I drove across to Echo Rd because this was happening there…

They are excavating more space on the pavement for parking. The neighbours are keen on this.  This work will result in the 5th neighbour’s no objection signature and the last we won’t get because we won’t pay him R40k! The Council will deal with that neighbour. But work is happening and we are edging our way forward on all fronts.

Nugget from my journey: I’ve written about this before on my blog, so let me copy/paste it.

On 17th March 2011, Mike, Julian and I were in London. In the evening, the three of us found ourselves wandering around Lewisham, a neighbouring area to where we were staying. We were looking for somewhere to have dinner. The place was busy and the pubs were alive with brightly clad revellers dressed in green celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We were looking for somewhere quiet and were not having too much success. After sometime walking, Mike and Julian were chatting away and I was a bit frustrated by the lack of an eatery when it occurred to me to pray. I stepped out in faith, told the Lord our needs and asked Him to guide us to a restaurant.  It was not more than a few minutes later we turned up a road and there on the left was a little gently lit quiet Turkish restaurant, perfect for our needs. There were not many people in it and we were happily taken to a table and enjoyed a memorable meal in Lewisham!

This was the restaurant – it’s called Levante…

The Lord knows our needs and He answers prayer.

Today Stacey sent me a photo of Elsie chilling. She’s getting very close to walking. Here she is leaning against the gate of her large play area. She’s eating a banana, so focused on that…

She is such an answer to prayer.

Psalm 90:2

Before the mountains were born or You brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting You are God.


9th July – one month until our wedding anniversary.

These are the days.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


No gym, no Pilates and only 6167 steps.


Day 238

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