My Braces Are OFF!

Thursday 10th December 2020

Today was the day…

My braces came off! Yes! I suspected it *may* happen today but was not convinced but as the day approached and I got the orthodontist’s final letter, I began to hope that it was so. I still kept my expectations low. I waited for a phone call to say I have to come in two weeks time, but it didn’t come. I got to the orthodontist 10 minutes early and was whisked into the treatment room and 30 minutes later, my braces were off. 2 years and 27 days ago, on 13th November 2018, this was me before…

This was straight after…

This was another photo I found…

There is still some work to be done so I’ve got a very delicate plastic retainer that slips over my teeth like clingwrap! It protects my teeth from moving. The cosmetic dentist will do his work next to get the colour palate right. This is the orthodontist, Dr Strydom who has been brilliant these 2 years and 27 days! In this photo, I’ve got the retainer on…

Grateful to him. I’d done the Covid screening and he had been working on my mouth, so there was no social distancing! Such a nice guy.

It sure has been a journey. And now it’s almost over. I’ve just flossed and brushed my teeth. So much quicker and easier. So easy to eat as well! So grateful tonight.  It’s done and dusted.  And I have to admit that an added concern was the Covid numbers spiking in Cape Town and the country at large.

Covid numbers in the Western Cape –3375 new cases over the last 24 hours.

Covid 19 stats – South Africa –

  • Friday 24th July – 13944 new cases (maximum we had in a day)– 250 deaths (245 771
  • Thur 3 Dec – 4400 new cases – 94 deaths (739367 recoveries/ 39702 active)
  • Fri 4 Dec – 4932 new cases – 160 deaths (740,450 recoveries/ 43,391 active)
  • Sat 5 Dec – 4645 new cases – 104 deaths (744,298 recoveries/ 44084 active)
  • Sun 6 Dec – 4116 new cases – 139 deaths (744,780 recoveries/47,579 active)
  • Mon 7 Dec – 3313 new cases – 43 deaths (745,750 recoveries/49,879 active)
  • Tue 8 Dec – 4011 new cases – 183 deaths (753,072 recoveries/ 46,385 active)
  • Wed 9 Dec – 6,709 new cases – 142 deaths (754,658 recoveries/ 51,366 active)

Total cases: 828,598  Total deaths: 22,574

1 John 4:7

Love comes from God.

The best is yet to come.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


2 years and 27 days. The end!


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