Husbands, Do This…

Mike’s done this many, many times. It’s not a fixed rule, but when he does it, which is often,  I feel special. It may sound old fashioned and it could be thought of as a touch of the chivalry and gentleman-like behaviour of a by-gone era. Every time he does it, it warms my heart. It never gets old.

He opens the car door for me.

This morning after we went out for breakfast, as the rain was falling, he strode intentionally to the passenger door and opened it for me. As I got in, I thought how good it felt. I thanked him and told him that every time he does it, I feel special.

It’s not a chore. I don’t expect him to do it but very often he does. He doesn’t feel he has to do it. He opens the car door for me because he wants to.

“to love and to cherish, till death do you part….”

This is what cherished feels like.

Cherish means to ‘protect or tend’. When Mike opens the car door for me, I feel he’s doing both.

I remember well, a lot of years ago now, David just beginning to drive. I don’t think he had got his driver’s licence yet, so every opportunity he could, he wanted to drive. We walked across a car park towards the car. He asked me if he could drive and requested the keys. I told him he could if he opened the car door for me.  With not quite as much pleasure as his father, he mooched around to the passenger side, unlocked the door and opened it for me. I smiled at him and got in. Then the fun stuff happened. From way across the other side of the car park came a shout – “Hey, David!” accompanied by thumbs and up and approving smiles. A lady at his church noticed the little gesture and was very impressed.

I laughed my head off! 😀  Talk about good timing!

It was great reinforcement. I hope David opens the door for his girlfriend. 😉

It costs nothing and it gains much!


These are the days!

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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