Funny Things Stacey Said

I found the Stacey & David ‘talk book’.  When Stacey was just over 2 years old, I realised that I needed a place to jot down some of the things she said.  Playing with words and experimenting with sounds came early to my two children.

Stacey was just 2 years and three months when one day I called her “Little Miss Muggins” to which she replied “Little Miss Muggins sat on her tuggins!”  There are some names for a budding children’s author.

A day or two later, Stacey was playing with the phone (only landlines in those days). She was talking into it and here’s what she said, “Mmmm, yes mmm no. My dummy’s in my bedroom. Mommy your husband’s on the phone!”

Children learn what they live and Stacey taught us a lesson very early on: never argue in front of the children. It was November 1989 and she was not yet two years old. Mike and I were having an argument. Mike raised his voice at me (I think that was probably the only time he did). It was followed by silence. I said nothing. Mike said nothing. Next thing a little voice piped up. “Daddy’s naughty!”

It was the perfect ice breaker. We all laughed.

There were loads of one-liners.

  • Mommy, take this horrible nappy off.
  • Mommy I’ve got a sore tummy in my back.
  • Daddy’s bathing in water.
  • I want a kiss.
  • Don’t start with me hey!

All at just over 2 years old.

When she was two and a half, she made a serious observation:

“Daddy wee wees like this (stands next to the toilet), but I can’t reach!”

A few months before she turned 3, Stacey’s interpretation of inside out was “it’s wrong and to front!”

I would never have remembered that if I hadn’t written it down.

One of the things we quite often say wrong on purpose even today came from Stacey all those years ago. Remember the old removable car tape decks that were common in cars of the day? We had one and I used to take it out when I left the car and put it under the car seat. Stacey used to see this happen regularly. One day she asked “Mommy are you putting that under the seat so no one sneals it?”

Yip, people were snealing things back then as well.

Stacey turned 3 when I was pregnant with David. Over Christmas time, when I was about 7 months pregnant, we had a lot of people in the house. I was changing in my bedroom when Stacey walked in pushing the door wide open. “Ooh, Stacey close the door,” I said. “Why” she asked. When I said, ‘so no one will see me’, she replied, “Oh, so no one will come and say Wow, your clothes are off!”

After David was born, I was home and changing his nappy. Stacey was on a little step watching me. As the nappy came off, she packed up laughing and exclaimed, “Look what he’s got!” When I asked “What’s he got?” very curious to hear her answer. She replied, “He’s got a wee wee thing that he stands up with!”


Time marched on. Stacey at 4 announced after tidying her bedroom, “my bedroom looked just like dog’s food & I cleaned it all up!”

Good job!

  • “I want Daddy to wash my hair because he’s the goodest!”

He is indeed.

  • Stacey teaching her Uncle Julian a new game, “It’s very complicated” she said!
  • I’m interesting (instead of interested).

Yes, you are!

  • My Mom can swim like a whale.


20th June 1992 While playing with lego, “I can do the constructions!” ( a cross between construction and instructions!). 17 years later on 20th June 2009, she and Adrian got married and few months after that she graduated as an engineer – she definitely got the constructions right!

Engineering coming out in her even then.

Fast forward to 1998, I was not as quick to write down all they were saying, but I got this one. We asked the children what John the Baptist ate. Stacey knew the answer: “wild honey and, and, and…cockroaches!”

And finally on 19th June 2002, she was 14 years old and 7 years and a day away from her own wedding,  she was asked what kind of person she wanted to marry.

She replied, “I want to marry someone like my Dad because of the way he treats my Mom.”


Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what David said.

#910 of my 1000 thanks is for the Talk Book.

Psalm 60:12

Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies.

These are the days.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


  • 30 minute fast walk
  • 30 minutes on the weight machines
  • 5 minutes stepping.


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