365 Crime Free Days

Today is a celebration of one full year of crime free days! It was a year yesterday that the thugs had their final onslaught against our home – they came in the dead of night. First they tried to break the backdoor lock, only to find there was a deadbolt on the inside, so that failed. I always smile when I think of that. Then they went to the guest room window and tried to take out a pane of glass thinking the window could open. They soon discovered it was fixed, so that failed. Then they grabbed a towel, wrapped a brick inside it and threw it through Mike’s study window. They put their hand inside and opened the window. Then they pulled back the curtains to see 3 massive humpback monitors laughing at them. By then we were awake and on the phone to the armed response company. The thieves fled and they have never returned.

Of course, we didn’t know they wouldn’t come back. A week later, the neighbourhood watch staked out the area behind our house and caught one of them. They handed him  over to the police. The police let him go, saying they didn’t have any reason to keep him. He soon robbed again (someone else), was caught again and is now behind bars.

They seemed to have given up on our house. We are so grateful but are still quite vigilant.

#892 of my 1000 thanks is for 365 crime free days!

This evening we walked up to Kommetjie Road which is behind us. The new road is coming along well and has a great view of Chapman’s Peak…

Yesterday I got a call to say the  alarm had gone off at the Echo Rd cottage. After gym, I went to investigate. It is usually the perimeter alarm and we know there has been a builder  looking at the plot behind our house, so it could have been him. I walked up the hill behind the house and took some photos. This is the cottage from the top of the plot… it’s been sitting there since about 1949.

Our building will be right in front of where I was standing.

Standing at the bottom of the plot by the cottage and looking up, it looks like this…the sticks represent the side of the house.

Behind our plot are two more. This is the one on the right of us where apparently the owner is interested in building….

It’s good these photos are taken. Time passes and it does so very quickly. This landscape is going to change radically over the next five years. I will be able to compare.

I did 5 + hours of work today. Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment in the morning, so will only be working in the afternoon.

Psalm 94:18

When I thought, ‘my foot slips,’ Your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up.

These are the days.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


Because we are visiting Stacey this weekend, I’ve been trying to do a bit extra…

  • 30 minute fast walk
  • 30 minute grid, which was grueling today – heart rate 161 at the end.
  • 10 minute cycle
  • 5 minute stepper

I look around me while I’m exercising and I see all the different people. Some are getting in shape. Others are working to stay in shape. Sometimes my work out is a stay-in-shape kind of work out. Other days it’s a get-fitter work out. Yesterday and today were both get-fitter work outs. They were hard work.

Tomorrow I swim!

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