The Ring, It Fits!


Today was the day…

That was pretty busy! The prevailing south-easter boomed through. No swimming was done but several trips up and down the steps were undertaken as our new guests arrived. Mid-morning my friends came for tea. Just after they arrived, a car needed to be moved off the pavement because the water meter reader couldn’t get to the meter, so I had to find keys, run down and move the car, so now it’s the other side of the road.

Right after my friends left, the guests arrived. Yay! I’ve never met them before but Michelle was a great fan of the Rise & Shine show so I invited them up for dinner tomorrow evening.

I spent the afternoon working.

Late afternoon, I was washing my hands and had my wedding ring start to slip off my finger. I have had one engagement ring but a number of wedding bands. It began with my original plain 9 carat gold wedding ring which was put on my finger in 1986. Then for our 20th wedding anniversary, Mike gave me a band that had a number of tiny diamonds in it. I liked it because it added some bling and it was slightly bigger than the original band.  Then I got one that was even bigger and it is the one that I have been wearing most recently. Long ago, I stopped wearing my engagement ring. Like the original wedding band, it was just too tight.  I  thought with my age, my fingers were more puffy. I didn’t think for a second that as I gained my middle age weight, it extended to my fingers.

So as I stood in front of the sink and felt the big ring begin to slip off, I wondered if, now that I’ve lost weight, the original rings would fit. I dug them out and slipped them on. To my amazement, they fitted perfectly – just like 1986!

The band of the engagement ring is very thin now, so it may be time to consider getting that built up a bit, but it’s great to have them back on my finger.

Talking of our wedding, Valerie Gail reminded me the other day of how I donated my wedding dress to her for the Beautiful Gate charity shop and then rapidly changed my mind and asked for it back! I am so glad I did. I hardly remembered the event and in hindsight cannot imagine doing it again. I’m not sure why I am holding onto it. I think it is historic because my wedding dress is partially made of my sister’s wedding dress and that just makes it special. I was 58kg when I walked down the aisle, so I doubt very much I’ll be able to get into it, but one day I  may try! I’ll be sure to take a photo!


Psalm 55:17

Morning, noon, and night I cry out in my distress, and the Lord hears my voice.

The best is yet to come -we are only passing through.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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