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Hi, I’m Richard, a regular listener to CCFM. Born an Englishman, now settled in Cape Town, I have a background in languages and theology, with degrees from Oxford and Aberdeen universities. Helga asked me to write these pieces for broadcast on Rise and Shine. I write as an interested layman reading the Bible in its original languages, not for the world of scholarship, but for the blessing of my brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Note from Helga:

If you hover over the tab entitled ‘Richard’s Work’ a drop down list of titles appears. Each one consists of explanations of various Scriptures and commonly used words in the Bible.

Thank you so much Richard. These certainly are so enlightening & helpful. I appreciate all the work and study that has gone into them. God bless you!

You can hear Richard reading the pieces at

Richard has published his work in a book. To order copies email

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