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It’s a week shy of three months since the dreadful slaying of three of the van Breda family  in Stellenbosch. People across the city and the world are still waiting to hear of an arrest. To date there has been none, but according to the latest news reports to come out in the media, police have it in hand and good progress is being made behind the scenes, away from the media and the public.

Marli van Breda

A number of reports have been issued over the last threes days. In the first report, garnered by EWN, after interviewing the principal of Marli’s school,  previously unreported information has been released.

  • Marli has been discharged from the rehabilitation centre after a few weeks of what we presume to be physical and psychological therapy. She is being cared for by family friends.
  • She has made a remarkable recovery. Previous reports stated she had a brain injury from a brutal axe attack to her head, resulting in a near fatal trauma to her jugular artery. This new article also says her skull was fractured in the attack. She has made excellent progress.
  • Also new from this report is the fact that Marli has retrograde amnesia, which means she cannot recall anything about the attack.

Her headmistress,  Meg Fargher from Somerset College was quoted as saying, ““Some parents have been enormously supportive and I’m impressed and grateful for their support.”

Over the months, I’ve read all the reports and I’ve read many of the message boards after the reports. Within those comments comes some insight from people closer to the situation than I. I don’t know who these people are or what their relationship is to Marli, but there have been rumours of there being more to this story than meets the eye. While I may ponder on speculation, I don’t want to spread it, so  on this blog, I only write what has already been reported.

News 24 reports that the investigation is going well. Captain FC van Wyk explained that the police were not able to reveal the findings so far to the media.

News 24 story on Marli as main witness

For me, it is significant that Marli is their main witness. What about Henri?

In this second report part of the family statement was released. In it they say Marli can walk, is able to communicate effectively and has retained her sense of humour. They go onto say that rehabilitation will be long  and that she will have to compensate for neuro-cognitive damage that occurs as a result of a brain injury.  I am led to believe that neuro-cognitive damage includes issues such as memory recall, problem solving and maintaining attention. Sometimes speech is slow. This is the end of the article:

News 24 report

Then a report issued a few hours ago tells of Marli returning over the weekend to the scene of the crime. Network 24’s Maygene de Wee says that Marli visited her home in the exclusive De Zalze golf estate to collect her personal belongings. She was accompanied by  the police and her legal representative. This article also mentioned that Advocate Louise Buikman has been appointed as Marli’s legal curator and she will be reporting to the Western Cape High court as to the best way forward. One of the highlights of this report is a beautiful picture supplied by the family…

Marli supplied by family


I get a number of people writing to me and some are very angry that no arrest has yet been made. The truth will eventually come out.

John 8:32

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

(Just to qualify: One day everything will be revealed. No one can get away with anything. I hope, in this case, justice will be done here on earth as well. The truth will set you free. When the Oscar Pistorius case was on, I said it many times, if he tells the truth, he will be free, even if he is in prison. If he doesn’t tell the truth, he will be in chains, even if he is free. Same applies to whoever is responsible for this crime. There is freedom in telling the truth.”)


God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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