Monty 1, van Niekerks 0…


Maybe that should be Monty 1 and van Niekerks 10! We have gained ourselves a sweet little gem! He has won us over and is now living inside. In fact last night he even slept on our bed! Monty now has a family, including a very irritating human “brother” who is intent on tormenting him! LOL @ David! 🙂  Yesterday after David had freaked him out, I picked him up and plonked him on my lap. He immediately relaxed and just chilled out, enjoying some human time…

He is so unusual in that normally when you put a cat on a lap, most times he will jump off until he chooses to be there. They don’t like being forced into anything. Not Monty. Monty immediately relaxes and starts to chill out. Sitting on his back, thinking he owns the place…

…which, of course, he does! 🙂

Yesterday, Miranda visited Granny and bought with her Monty’s own catnip toy. What amazing stuff catnip is. He goes crazy for it and then it relaxes him and he settles down….

Such a cutey!

Mike & David went through to the Cycle Expo ahead of David riding the Argus Cycle Tour tomorrow. His bike is ready. He’ll catch the train into Cape Town tomorrow and then Adrian and Stace will go and collect him afterwards. My only job is to be outside the Fish Hoek police station at about 10am with refreshments & then on Kommetjie Rd at about 11-30ish with more. He’s hoping to do it in 4 hours.

Apart from doing some writing today, the other thing I did  was paid off my credit card! I got my very own credit card a year ago when we went overseas. I used it a few times and when I got back owed about R800 on it. I went into ABSA to the counter and paid it off using cash. To my surprise, when I got the next statement, it said I owed R30. HuH? So I looked up the ‘small print’ and found that if you pay cash at the counter they charge R30! Not having internet banking, I have spent the last 9 months doing nothing about the R30. A couple of weeks ago, I was at my bank’s inquiry desk for something else, and made use of the opportunity to link my current account to the credit card account. Today in my email my credit card bank statement arrived – In 9 months or so it had grown from R30 to R41-13, so it was with much enthusiasm and delight that I went and paid it off. It was one of those irritating little things I’ve been meaning to do and today I finally did it! YEAH!

I’ve been reading on through Numbers in the Old Testament.  Man, the Israelites could moan! Poor Moses and Aaron. They’d had enough of the complaining people and cried out to the Lord, “I cannot carry all these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me.” (Numbers 11:14). The Bible says it was the ‘rabble’ that spread the complaining (verse 4). There are lessons to be learned from this passage. Often-times it is a small group that spreads toxic negativity. This is not only devastating to the leadership of an organisation, it also angers God. This was written 1000s of years ago and yet human nature has not changed. Be careful how you behave and what you say. Circumstances may not be great, but examine your behaviour and do something to contribute to improving the situation and not something to contaminate it.  All of this I wrote in my little blue book early on Thursday morning! I must continue typing up all my daily devotions. I’m still writing them, just not getting them up on my blog. I did manage however, to get round to finishing a piece on Conflict. It’s never easy to deal with. I’ve posted a separate blog page about it, so when you look above, it’s next to Daily Devotions.

Enjoy your evening! God bless you richly!

In His Forever Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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