The Seagull Challenge


Today was the day…

We got to swim and the water was a lot warmer than two days ago. It was flat too, so swimming was easy. The water was clear. When I started the swim, I immediately headed towards the barrel, on which,  I saw from a distance, there was  large fat seagull perched. After swimming breast stroke for a short while, I broke into crawl and swam all the way to the barrel, keeping an eye on the seagull as I breathed to the left. I swam around the drum and noticed two things about the bird. One, he was ignoring me. (I imagine he was male due to his size). Second, he was cleaning himself. Off I swam, leaving him to his morning ablutions. I swam towards the lighthouse, before turning back and swimming to the cat walk side of the beach, where I met up with Mike. I could see the seagull was still on the barrel but as I bobbed up and down chatting to Mike, it took off and flew gracefully over us – clean and smart – it headed for the office.

My swim continued after Mike got out the water. Back to the barrel where another seagull sat. This time, it didn’t hang around and flew off before I arrived. Darn! It’s always a bit of a seagull challenge for me to get there and not disturb them.

My watch says the temperature of the water was 16C, an improvement on the other day when it was 13C feeling like 11C.

We came home, had breakfast and then coffee with Julian before he headed to the airport. I worked the rest of the day. It’s now very quiet.

Romans 11:33

Oh, the depth and riches of the wisdom and the knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments, and His paths beyond tracing out.

The best is yet to come – we are only passing through.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


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