The Garden Gloves Drama

Yesterday Mike and I had a spat over his gardening gloves. I tried so hard to protect him from an unfolding gardening glove irritation and it all fell apart when he found out!

Mike had a pair of gloves that David borrowed to trim a bougainvillea and David hadn’t remembered to return them. So Mike bought another pair. I didn’t know this.


Yesterday David came over quite early to say the gardener at his place had unexpectedly arrived and he needed some tools to keep him busy. I got out of bed and went to give him what he needed. As he walked out, he saw the new but already used gloves and said to me, “can I take these?” “Yes,” I replied.  (Mistake!)

So off David went with pair of gloves number 2.

I went back to bed and Mike said we need to check that all the stuff comes home again. Then he commented, “David forgot to bring back my gloves last time, so I went and bought new ones!”

“Aw Aw” I thought. I saw trouble coming. I remembered that we were due to go and pick up a lemon tree and that Mike would need his gardening gloves today, so I picked up my cell phone and shot David a message, saying among other things  ‘I need those gloves back’.  As soon as David got the message, he phoned. (Mike and I are sitting in our bed and Mike can hear everything I am saying, but nothing David is saying). Mike doesn’t know that David has taken the second pair of gloves.

David explains that he has the other pair but he’s just got home and if we are going out can we pop in and pick up the new pair. I just want to get him off the phone, so I say, ‘yes that’s fine, yes that’s fine, just leave them on the table, I’ll pick them up.’ Meanwhile, while I’m talking, Mike, who knows nothing of what is going on is saying, “ask him about my gloves!”

I got off the phone and it all went downhill after that.

“That’s what we are talking about,” I said. “We were talking about your gloves. He’s going to leave them on the table.”

“WHAT?” he replied, “Don’t tell me he took my new gloves as well??”

And so the spat began. Me saying I didn’t know he had the other pair and I’ll go and pick them up. Mike imagined both pairs of gardening gloves disappearing into the big glove black hole. He was irritated. I was irritated.

I fessed up and said “I told him he could take them.”

Then I went onto explain that no sooner had David driven away Mike started saying how his first pair of gloves had not come home and so I messaged David and that was why he phoned back. I was trying to solve the problem without Mike knowing. “And,” I went onto declare, “this reaction is exactly what I was trying to avoid!!!”

I hastily got dressed and said I was off to get them.

Mike saw the humour in it all and he started laughing. I reenacted the scene again in animated terms and both of us shook our heads and laughed it  off. Mike concluded, “I’ll go and buy another pair.” They will get worn and quickly worn out so having spares won’t matter.

And so ended the gardening glove drama.

Isn’t it interesting how so many of spats in a marriage are over such little things?

#63 of my 1000 thanks is for Mike’s sense of humour! How horrid life would be without it.

Proverbs 17:22

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

These are the days!

Keep the smile going.

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


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