Ten Years Ago Today, A Sweet Romance Began

Freedom Day 2017 will always take on a special significance for me. The run up to that day was a bit of a roller coaster ride for our family. Stacey was still in her teens when she encountered a guy online called Adrian.  Adrian had first been in contact because he was sending  South Africans free Christian DVDs on creation science. Stacey was keen to receive them and came to me one day asking what our PO Box number was. Of course I immediately asked why and she said ‘there’s this guy who wants to send me something!’ Now can you imagine your teenage daughter wanting to give personal information to a complete stranger on the internet?

I was horrified!

But having the key to the PO Box, I allowed her to give the address to him and shortly after that, the requested DVDs arrived. The whole family watched them and were impressed.

These DVDs came from “Adrian in Durban”.

His was a name that cropped up many times and as the DVDs were great, we didn’t feel so threatened hearing about him – all – the – time.

Then one day, Mike and I had to go to Durban for a conference. Stacey and Adrian were on mixit in those days and when Stacey told him of our upcoming trip, he asked if he could drop some things off for us to take back to Stacey. We, of course, said yes. I was curious. Who was this young man who sent free stuff to South Africans and covered the cost of the postage himself?

Before we left, I asked Stacey just how important is this relationship. Stacey was not prepared to give me a significant answer. We then went to Durban and during the course of the conference, Adrian arrived to drop off the gifts. I will never forget that first encounter. A fine looking young man with a very friendly smile approached us. I formally shook hands. Every fibre of my being wanted to give him a hug, but I didn’t want to freak him out. Every fibre of my being wanted to march him to the restaurant, feed and interrogate him. But I had Stacey’s misgivings ringing in my ears and not wanting to encourage him, we spent 15 seconds in his company, accepted the gift and bid him goodbye.

Darn it!

If I ever regret one little insignificant moment of missed opportunity, that was it!

Mike and I arrived home to an over-excited 19 year old bobbing up and down in front of us saying, “what’s he like, what’s he like?” I looked at her in shock! “Stacey,” I said, “you are not interested in this guy remember?!” I quickly followed it up with “next you’re going to be asking me if he can come to Cape Town to meet you!”

Stacey couldn’t help herself! “We have been thinking of that!” she bubbled over with crazy plans to meet this guy. Even I thought he was nice. So polite, well spoken and a real gentleman.

I wagged my finger. “Let me just say one thing, young lady! If Adrian is going to fly to Cape Town to meet you, he has to ask for your Dad’s permission first, just don’t forget that!”

One day Mike’s cell phone rang and there was Adrian on the other side, politely asking Mike if he could come to Cape Town and formally meet Stacey.

Of course Mike said yes.

And on Friday 27th April 2007, Adrian did just that. I joined Mike and Stacey in going to pick him up from the airport. Stacey insisted I come, “we need a talker” she told me, “someone to keep the conversation going!”

Oh, I had lots of questions! Conversation for me would be no problem!

You see, I suddenly had misgivings about this arrangement.

Truth be told, I knew nothing about this young man.

In the ten days running up to the great arrival, I went into top investigation Mom mode. He had  told Stacey which church he went to. I phoned every church in the Durban area that had that name. It was Saint Something and I called every single one until I finally found a lead! I searched the internet for more information until I was pretty satisfied that I couldn’t find anything bad on him!

He came. I had done as much background work on him as I could. I asked him a lot of questions on the way home and was able to piece together what I had discovered in my ‘investigation!’  He was fine!

This is the weekend they met…

April 2007

By the end of the weekend, when it was time for them to say goodbye, they both were pretty certain they had fallen in love!

Adrian flew back and forth until he eventually moved to Cape Town in November 2007.

He proposed to Stacey on 21st March 2009 and they married 3 months later.

That right there is a sweet love story.

#275 of my 1000 thanks is for the 10 years of knowing Adrian and seeing my daughter flourish under his love and care. What a blessing!

December 2016

God has worked this out very well indeed!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”

These are the days!

Keep the smile going!

God bless you!

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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