Two little words that bought joy to my heart. After a hectic month, everything kept coming down to those two little words – Spring Break. I started hearing them about a week ago. I was told people were going home for Spring Break or they couldn’t interview after a certain date because of this glorious Spring Break.

Today is the start of Spring Break where most of the schools in the Middle East close until 14th April.

The crazy rush of the last few weeks is placed on pause and in my mind and in my heart it is all too wonderful!

When the managing director of the company contacted me on Skype a month ago and said she wanted to teach me something new, I went like a lamb to the slaughter. She didn’t preempt the meeting with anything relating to the amount of work or the stress of the work involved. It was to be, it seemed, just another part of helping the Director in the Middle East.  I’ve just looked at my hours on this part of the job and I’ve worked more than 60 hours on it so far this month. In the beginning I was very slow and not sure what I was doing. As the month has progressed, I’ve got faster and more in tune with what is required.

The days ahead will not be completely quiet, but the deluge of the last few weeks has already subsided.  I think I will have the opportunity to press the reset button and gear myself up for manic recruitment season from mid-April to end June. And I would have it no other way. At least I know what I am in for!

Today, because of Spring Break, I’ve only worked 5 and a half hours. I lay on my bed in the middle of the day and watched You Tube videos. I wallowed in it! I felt all the stress of yesterday’s 10 hour day melt away. I felt normal! Yeah!

So today I had a haircut, went to gym at 9-30am, then with a rash brief moment of cooking enthusiasm I bought one of these …

And late this afternoon, I unpacked it and made dinner…these were the contents…

That’s steak, potatoes, mushrooms, rosemary with pepper steak spice (only used half) and pecorino powder (only used half)

This is the recipe that comes with it…

And this was the final product…

It was very good. Should have added peas.  I will buy the ingredients next time and use up the left over spices.

The other thing I did today was pick up my new reading glasses.

A good day!

Psalm 86:6

Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer; listen to my plea for grace.

These are the days.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


An hour of Pilates.


Day 135



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