Signs The Germanwings Co-pilot Crashed Plane Deliberately

I’ve been listening to a live news briefing from Marseilles regarding the Germanwings air crash and some stunning information has been released. It is particularly astonishing that it has been made known to the world before the investigation has begun.

I listened to Marseilles Prosecuter Bryce Robin in a news conference. The conference was in French and was being interpreted.

Breaking newsSTARTS

“Since yesterday afternoon DNA identification on bodies has begun.

Only one black box has been retrieved. The cockpit voice recorder was examined and the conversation established between the pilot and co-pilot during the last 30 minutes of the flight. In the first 20 minutes, the two pilots talk in the normal fashion, being courteous with each other, as too normal pilots would. There is nothing unusual. Then they heard the main pilot ask his co-pilot to take over. The sound of a chair is being heard moving back, a door opening and the door closing. It is assumed that the pilot went to the toilet. At that moment the co-pilot is locked in the aircraft cockpit on his own in charge of the plane. It is while he is alone that the co-pilot, at that moment, in charge of the plane that he uses the flight monitoring system to start the descent of the aeroplane. This action can only be done voluntarily – it is not automatic. We hear several times the pilot returning from the bathroom and asking to access and it’s through the intercom system. He identifies himself, but there is no reply from the co-pilot. The pilot then knocks on the door to ask for it to be opened and he has no response from the co-pilot. At that moment we hear breathing from within the cockpit and we hear this breathing until the moment of impact, so we believe the co-pilot is still alive at this point. We then hear the mast say that there is still no answer from the co-pilot – the tower then asks them to do a distress signal but again there is no response from the cockpit, so this aeroplane becomes a priority for a forced landing. The control tower then asks to other aeroplanes to try and contact this airbus and no answer is forth coming. There are alarm systems, which indicates to all those onboard the proximity to the ground and then we hear noises of the door trying to be broken into – this is the cockpit door which according to international measures is reinforced. So these alarms go off on the plane to indicate the proximity of the ground and just before the  final impact, we hear the sound of a first impact – it is believed that the plane may have glided or hit initially before the final impact. There was no distress signal or mayday signal received by the control tower….no distress message -“mayday mayday” has been received by the control tower.  And  no answer has been received despite the numerous calls from the tower. The interpretation on this day and I’m talking today, 48 hours after the crash and due to investigations which are ongoing, the interpretation which for us and from the investigation team – the most probable interpretation is that the co-pilot, refused to open the cabin door to the pilot and actioned the button which starts the descent procedure. In the last 8 minutes it went from 12000 m to 2000m until it hit the mountain which is between 1600 to 2000m. So he actioned this button for a reason, we still don’t know why but we can only deduct that it destroyed this plane. This is the latest I can give you on this investigation. We have asked for information from the German investigators on the background to the co-pilot who is a German national and I have given all this information to the relatives of the 250 passenger who have come to Marseilles. ”

Mr Robin went onto answer questions clarifying that the co-pilot’s breathing was completely normal. It wasn’t the breathing of a person who was struggling. The co-pilot did not say a single word for the rest of the flight.  He voluntarily allowed the plane to lose altitude. When asked about a possible suicide, he said he wasn’t going to enter into that conversation. All he knew was that the co-pilot had no reason to not let the pilot into the cockpit. He had no reason to action a descent. He had no reason to not respond to the tower. He had no reason to not communicate with other aircraft in the area.

When asked about what the passengers would have known, he said he believed the passengers would only have known at the last moment because on the recording you only hear the screams on the last moments before impact. ”


The unnamed co-pilot had been working for Germanwings since 2013 and had co-pilot  630 hours of flight experience. He was named as 28 year old Andreas Lubitz of Montabaur. The Daily Mirror website published this photo…

Andreas-Lubitz Mirror

Quite hectic. It’s difficult to imagine someone purposefully doing this.

No doubt more information will come to light.

Psalm 54:4
“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me”.

Trust God – there is no other way.

In His Grip,

Helga xx

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