Professor Tim Noakes Talks

We have been blessed on the Rise and Shine show to have South Africa’s leading LCHF expert Professor Tim Noakes for an hour

Prof Tim Noakes outside CCFm this morning

Prof Tim Noakes outside CCFm

once a month to talk about it. So far, he has done 10 almost hour long interviews with us, the links for each are below. Happy listening!

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 1 LCHF – CCFm Oct 2012

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 2 LCHF – CCFm Nov 2012

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 3 LCHF – CCFm February 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 4 LCHF – CCFm March 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 5 LCHF – CCFm April 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 6 LCHF – CCFm May 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 7 LCHF – CCFm June 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 8 LCHF – CCFm July 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 9 LCHF – CCFm – Aug 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – Part 10 – Radio CCFm – September 2013

Prof Tim Noakes & Dr. Neville Wellington – October 2013

Prof Tim Noakes – November 2013

 Hour Long On Air Discussions for 2014

These links don’t open immediately for play. You have to download them. I’m not sure what’s happened over the course of time. Some of them seem to have been lost. Not too much I can do about it now that I’m no longer at CCFm. 🙁

Prof Tim Noakes – Tue 4th February 2014

Prof Tim Noakes – Tues 4th March 2014

REFRESHED Prof Tim Noakes 4th March 2014

Option Two from Dropbox – Prof Tim Noakes 4th March 2014 – Length 50 minutes -35megs

Dr. Neville Wellington on CCFm – Friday 28th April 2014

Professor Tim Noakes – Tuesday 1st April 2014

Short Talks for 2014

5- 6 minutes. These are usually aired on a Friday morning at 7-42am on 107.5 CCFm Cape Town. on the www. Look on the playstore for the free android app – CCFm

Tim Noakes – Conference and Book Info 17-1-2014

Tim Noakes – UCT Rugby & Availability of the book Real Meal Revolution – 24-1-2014

Dr Neville Wellington on HBA1C

Dr. Neville Wellington on Monitoring Your Glucose Level

Prof Tim Noakes 7th March 2014 – Cricket – LCHF- the Argus Cycle Tour

April 2014 with Prof Tim Noakes:

UCT Rugby and Book Update – April 2014

Prof Tim Noakes – Dietician conference and UCT Rugby

Prof Tim Noakes – 2 Oceans and Launch of LCHF Website

May 2014 with Prof Tim Noakes

Prof Tim Noakes – Sweden visit to Diet Doctor and Research

June 2014 –

Dr. Neville Wellington – Insulin

Prof Tim Noakes about Zola Budd and Comrades 2014


61 Responses to Professor Tim Noakes Talks

  1. Johan says:

    Hello Helga

    Is there anyway that I can download the 7 parts of Prof Noakes messages to listen too?



    • Helga says:

      Hello Johan, If you click on each link, it should play if you have a sound card etc. If you right click on the link you should be able to save it. Many others have been putting them all on CDs and listening to them while driving. Tim Noakes is in the Rise and Shine studio again on 16th July between 7 & 8am, so you can listen live on 107.5 Cape Town wide or if you’re not in CT listen at Hope that helps.

      • Johan says:

        Thanks, I will download them to listen in my car, I unfortunately can’t listen to it on the radio or the web as I am working at that time. I use to work at CCFM, I left in 2004 or 2005. I worked as sound engineer on some of the morning shows (before you took over), as well as the Homeward Bound show, and some other. I think it was in the same year Avril retired – to long ago to remember. I sometimes see you at the CUM sales conferences – I now manage two Christian Books shops – Christian Liberty Books & Living Waters Africa.

  2. Kim says:

    Dear Helga,

    Thank you to yourself and Prof Noakes for unleashing this life changing information. We are indeed blessed to have such knowledgeable people among us. I have tried to download Part 8 and 9 of Prof Noakes talks but it either says Error 404 page not found or it says that I am unable to download or save the file. It would be appreciated if you could fix the technical glitches so that we may all continue to learn about the LCHF way of life. God Bless

    • Helga says:

      Thanks Kim. The technical glitch is a new one. We apparently have moved servers. I will have to reload each talk & point it to the right place. I have limited internet connectivity this weekend but if I can do it before Monday, I will. Blessings! Helga

  3. Ivan Boyd says:

    Hello Helga

    I am unable to download any of the talks by Prof. Noakes. I get an error message “404 – page not found”

    Regards, Ivan Boyd

    • Helga says:

      Thanks for letting me know. It seems we are having a problem with our FTP site. I have reported it and we’ll see how soon we can get it fixed. Blessings! Helga

  4. Alison says:

    Hi Helga, I’d love to know – initially you didn’t lose any weight eating the LCHF way. Have you lost weight now?

    • Helga says:

      Nope! 🙂 Tim has said appetite control is important and I’m beginning to understand that more and more. It actually becomes very easy to eat high fat all day long with an attitude of anything goes now because it’s high fat. I could graze all day on almonds. Now what I do is have a MASSIVE breakfast. 2 eggs, half an avo or leftover chicken or mince, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, followed by strawberries, blueberries and cream and washed down with coffee, all consumed at 5-30am! That sustains me for most of the day. In the middle of the day when I would be reaching for this and that, I stop myself and make my brain engage with my stomach to find out if I am actually hungry. I am not. So then I have a home made cappuccino and I’m fine till 4pm. When I am making dinner, I begin to feel hungry, so I snack on one or two of the ingredients. So, basically, I’ve been eating twice a day for the last week and am at last beginning to see the scale drop a little. Today, I have to admit, at lunchtime I ate one of Stacey’s muffins that I put on yesterday’s blog. I really want to get into the habit of eating only twice a day because when we are away on holiday for the month of November, I have the potential to put on a whack of weight! 🙂

  5. Blessed_MelD says:

    Hi Helga, will you posting Tuesday’s talk as well to this page as Part 10? Did not have a chance to tune in was busy with mommy activities, so not a happy chappy that I missed it. Thanks in advance.

  6. Lyle says:

    Helga….dieing to listen to the September addition. Please push you technical guys harder!

  7. Des says:

    Hi Helga
    Missed this morning talk with Prof Noakes & Dr Wellington. When will be on your site, PLEASE?


  8. Annette says:

    Hi Helga

    I have always “kind of” believed in this way of eating. I heard one or two of the talks you had with Prof Noakes and decided to download and listen from the start. What an eye-opener!! It all makes perfect sense and I can’t wait to get started. One meal at a time! It sounds easy, but tonight at dinner I realized just how much carbs I take in. We had a braai and there was potato salad and bread. This calls for a total mind shift!

    Thank you for sharing all of this.

    Love and blessings

  9. oolichan says:

    Helga …. such valuable information … I wish you would upload these to youtube… they would become more easily available to lots more people…..

    • Helga says:

      Thanks Oolichan…I’ve never thought of putting them on You Tube. I’ll ask my producer what he thinks. It IS very valuable. It’s been interesting listening to Prof over the last year from October last year to now. New things coming up all the time. I’ve been privileged to be hearing it all unfold.

      • oolichan says:

        Hi Helga….. Actually, the better place to upload them would be to itunes as podcasts….. that way people could listen to the audio in their ipods and mp3 players whenever they want…. if there is no video to watch, youtube wouldn’t be the best choice…. Again, thanks so much for this wonderful program…. it seems the world is opening up more and more to the LCHF lifestyle……. and your program is playing its part.

        • Thinus says:

          Dear oolichan, uploading it to iTunes would exclude many people without Apple products (affectionately known as iThings). If you want to put it on your ipod,download it from here, and import it into itunes on your computer–then sync your iThing. That way you can get it on your iPod/iPhone/iThing as well. The way it is here is perfect, you can download and listen later, or now. You are of course welcome to share the link to this page to anyone. Once they are here, they can listen.

  10. Rosemary says:

    I savored every bit of these interviews and have been waiting for the next one. I am hoping there will more!

  11. Angela says:

    Hi, when will todays talk be uploaded?

  12. Sheryah says:

    Hi, when will the talk from 4 Feb be ready for download?

  13. Garry says:

    I heard Prof on 567 Cape Talk and changed my life no more injected insulin and down 29kg here is my story

  14. Louise says:

    How IMPORTANT this is for us! Thank you for this!

  15. Sheryah says:

    The link for 4 March doesn’t work, it gives me the following error message:
    “Google Drive can’t scan this file for viruses. 04 March 2014.mp3 (47M) exceeds the maximum size that Google can scan. Would you still like to download this file?”
    Even if I click YES, download anyway, it doesn’t allow me. Hope you can help

  16. Ward says:

    Great to have these talks available. Thanks for putting them up.

  17. Ward says:

    For the last three talks – Noakes and Wellington, November 2013, and February 2014, I’m getting errors. I’ve downloaded twice but still they file format isn’t recognized. I’ve tried a couple of programs including a general audio editor. Can you give me any hints as to how to make these work.

    Thanks again for making this available.

    • Helga says:

      I’m not sure why most are able to download and others not, but I’m asking some technical people to help. The long files are big and we’ll try and get them smaller with lower audio quality. Right now I think they have been put up in broadcast quality, which is not necessary for general listening.

  18. LW says:

    I tried today, but nothing seems to work. I was able to download all other files you made available and really do not want to miss out. Please Help

    • Helga says:

      Hi Liezel, Unfortunately so many people have downloaded the file that I have exceeded my limit! I need to find another option. Once I do, I’ll let you know. (Although they say it may be downloadable again in 24 hours, so you can try again then.) I am looking into putting it on Sound Cloud.

  19. annettehav says:

    Hi Helga
    Yes, I was wondering why I’m not able to download!

  20. Hanno says:

    Hi Helga, for the first time ever I repeatedly experience the same problem as Sheryah, Ward and LW/Liezel above. Please help.

    • Helga says:

      I’ve put up a refreshed copy which should be able to be downloaded. I am actually busy downloading it now so I can also put it in my Dropbox for downloading, so keep checking back. It should work.

  21. Ward says:

    Thanks, the refreshed Tim Noakes from 4 March 2014 downloaded correctly. However still no luck with the Noakes-Wellington, Nov 2013, or Feb 2014 files. All of these downloads are very small files (64 KB) so the download is not really happening (size should be in MB, not KB).

    I assume that this a function of you having exceeded your limit for downloads. But no worries, I’ve got a lot of good listening already downloaded and will wait to download later. These are great, Thanks again for making them available.

    Best regards,

  22. LW says:

    Thanks Helga, The dropbox link work 100%, the other one still didn’t allow a download.
    I appreciate your help. ☺

    • Helga says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve still got some work to do to refresh the others that aren’t working. I think from now on, I’ll put all the uploads on Dropbox and have Gdrive as a back up. I think that’s the reason why the others aren’t working is because the download limit has been exceeded. Thanks for your patience!

  23. Piet says:

    Hi Helga
    I have now downloaded Tim’s recipe book and busy reading it. I live in the UK and am diabetic and have been on low carb diet now 8 weeks and lost 7 kg’s and have much better blood sugar control. As I am now doing much more testing and creating Excel graphs (I am an engineer so couldn’t resist) I an just see how important it is not to consume carbs. What I miss in tim’s book and your recipes is the total carb count per portion.
    Best regards

    • Helga says:

      Good point Piet. For carb counts per portion I usually would use Glad you’ve had success though. Keep going! Blessings. Helga

      • Piet says:

        Thanks Helga. I do have this app but normally find it easier to just google say “carbs apple” and first few hits will normally display carbs per 100 g directly. I think the point I want to make is that if you search the internet for loa carb recipes there are plenty with some of them containing high carb ingredients so the only way anyone can claim to have low carbs is to display the total amount meaning they have done their homework and also makes it much easier for the user.

      • Piet says:

        I would like to add another comment that other diabetics may find useful. Whenever blood sugar levels rise it does damage to the system. So if you can keep levels at 4.6 mmol/l then there is no damage done. The hba1c value that your doctor can measure is an average and does not show if there were any high values (even for a short duration they are damaging)

        Due to the dawn effect where after waking up in the morning the diabetic sugar levels will keep on rising I have decided to take my medication the moment I wake up so it can start to work before I eat. As a result I am able to avoid this dawn effect and can keep sugar levels constant. I measure my blood sugar about 10 times a day and can thus see the effect.

        I have just seen my doctor and he is happy that there is no problem taking the medication before the meal. Most importantly he has agreed that I can cut one tablet in the morning and also stop taking my statins. We will have non fasting blood test in 6 weeks to monitor this. I have given him two low carb books to read and also told him about your website. It was great to see that he is open minded and will support me in my efforts. Hopefully he can pass on this benefit to many other patients. Will keep you posted.

        Groete van ‘n sonskyn dag in Engeland.
        Piet van Zyl

  24. Garry says:

    Hello Piet, I too am a diabetic that since following the Paleo/Primal lifestyle have a better control of my sugar levels so much so that I no longer use any injected insulin. A lot of the recipes on my site have carb counts attached and we will be loading new links to recipes over the weekend Enjoy

  25. Piet says:

    Hi Gary. Thanks

  26. Gibson says:

    Dear Helga, Thank you for all the information about the LCHF diet.
    I would also like to express appreciation for Professor Tim Noakes for availing himself to teach about this.
    It really is an eye opener. Do you mind telling me where I can purchase flaxseed?

    God bless.


    • Helga says:

      Hi Gibson…thanks for your comments. You can get flaxseed from any shop that sells seeds, Clicks may have it. Look for it at PnP and certainly health shops will have it.

      • Gibson says:

        Hi Helga. Thank you again. Keep up the good work. Both on Radio and in your life. You are really a life saver. I lost my daddy last year to sugar diabetes and when I listened to the talk shows on radio really my eyes weer opened. Always wondered where it came from..
        Stay blessed always..

  27. Ward says:


    I still cannot download several of Prof Noakes talks – specifically October and November 2013 and February 2014. I last tried about a month ago but when I try I get a file of about 29KB rather than something of several MB in size. All the other talks downloaded with no problems.

    I hate to bug you but I sure would like to listen to those talks. Thanks for making these available.

    Best regards,


  28. Cornel says:

    Hi Helga, when will the latest (1 April 2014) Prof Tim Noakes talk be on your blog?

  29. Elvina says:

    Hi Helga, I am all the way up in Gauteng and wanting to get the latest chat for April. when can we expect it on your blog?.
    many thanks

  30. Elvina says:

    oh dear, best I read the comments before I post the same question 🙂

  31. fiederels says:

    Thanks for these Helga! I’ve been listening to all of these talks during my first month and a half of paleo/lhcf and they have been a great inspiration. Lost 5 kg and learned a thing or two as well 😀

  32. Tim says:

    When will the next talk be available online?

  33. Andrew says:

    This is a great collection of Tim’s work! Thanks very much.

    Tim has done amazing work for the world and I think that if he keeps doing what he’s doing he will change the way people think about nutrition forever.

    I’ve beat some pretty serious issues with Paleo/LCHF and I’ve also got a website dedicated to the cause. If anyone wants to check it out please click here:

    I try to write about what people ask me, and I’ve got quite a bit of knowledge around nutrition and how it can help people overcome some terrible problems.

    Please feel free to email me should you have any questions, I’d love to spread the love and make sure that as many people as possible can learn how to eat delicious meals that nourish and heal the body.

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