Today was the day…

That in 1979,  I invited Jesus into my heart. What a day that was to be. A day that I took the tiniest little step of faith and prayed a prayer that I didn’t really know the meaning of. After all, what does that mean? “Invite Jesus into your heart” they said. “Ask Jesus to take over your life” was another phrase. I was 14 and didn’t really know what would happen if I did pray to Jesus (who I had heard of but didn’t know how it all worked). By the time I got to Tuesday 17th July 1979, I had learned that to live forever – that being beyond my time on earth, I had to pray one of those prayers. Truth be told, it’s not restricted to one of those prayers – Jesus is God and He just wants to hear from each of us, however that happens. He knows each of us so intimately – He knows our needs before they are spoken.

And so it came to pass that as a young girl I did both the above. I asked Jesus into my heart and had Him take over my life.

It feels like it was a tiny step – just a sentence or two. I think I asked Him to forgive me as well. Then it was Amen.

And then life began.

Real Life.

No longer was I on shifting sand.

I hopped onto a solid Rock and that Rock has been beneath my feet from that day to this. God has carried me; He has directed my path; He’s wiped away my tears. He’s walked along side me; He’s whispered in my ear. He has answered my prayers. He has comforted me and confronted me. He has forgiven me over and over again.

When the hard times come with uncertainty of grand proportions (like Covid-19), I have a solid Rock beneath my trembling feet. I may be falling apart but I have a Solid Foundation that doesn’t budge. I’m rooted in Him.

And it all began on this day 41 years ago. I get emotional just thinking of it – the change was profound and I am forever grateful for His swift response. He didn’t wait a moment. I asked and He was there. He heard me then. He hears me now.

41 years. I am so grateful!

Today was the day…

That ONE MONTH ago I had jaw surgery. I found a super 1 minute video on line that shows exactly what they did to me. Take a look at this…

I’m doing well. I’m slowly getting the feeling back in my lower gums and chin. I can chew very soft food. I’m largely still blending food but some of the lumps that get left behind I can manage to break down with my teeth. I remember hearing that my surgery will be on 17th June and knowing the 17th July would be a significant day. It seemed such a long way off. And now it’s here. I think a photo is in order.

My friends have said they can’t see any difference. For this I am glad. It is exactly what the doctor said would be the case. I would see the difference but not other people and he is right. I can see four main changes. Probably the most significant for me is that my face has become more heart-shaped – because they did my chin (my R9000 chin – that was how much he charged for doing the chin bit😂). The distance between my lower lip and the bottom of my chin is longer (a few mm). My profile has changed slightly. Those are the outward changes. Inside my mouth, I can see my bottom teeth when I smile now. I couldn’t before. This photo is from October 2019.

Grateful it’s all over!

While the operation is all over, Corona is not.

Corona stats – July 2020 – We are now 6th in the world having overtaken Mexico and Chile yesterday. 😥

  • Thursday 9th July – 13674 new cases – 118 deaths (113061 recoveries/ 121558 active)
  • Friday 10th July – 12348 new cases – 140 deaths (118232 recoveries / 128595 active)
  • Saturday 11th July – 13497 new cases – 111 deaths (127715 recoveries/ 132498 active)
  • Sunday 12th July – 12058 new cases – 108 deaths (134 874 recoveries/ 137 289 active)
  • Monday 13th July – 11 554 new cases – 93 deaths (138 241 recoveries/ 145 383 active)
  • Tuesday 14th July – 10496 new cases – 174 deaths (146279 recoveries/147667 active)
  • Wednesday 15th July – 12 757 new cases – 107 deaths (160693 recoveries/ 145903 active) Recoveries have overtaken active cases.
  • Thursday 16th July – 13 172 new cases – 216 deaths (165 591 recoveries/ 153 961 active)

Total cases: 324 221  Total deaths: 4669

Blog is early. It’s the weekend!

I’m going to head to Echo and then do some shopping.

2 Peter 1:5-7

Make every effort to add to your faith perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.

The best is yet to come.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


1 year and 247 days

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