Yesterday I had a heart filled with gratitude. This week I’m going to interviews which are exhausting. I don’t do the interviews. I meet and greet teachers who have applied to teach overseas and they arrive at a hotel for interviews which are done remotely via Skype. I see them in and out of the interview rooms and collect some documentation. There are around 50 teachers altogether from a number of different international teacher recruitment companies. I represent one of those recruitment companies.

Interview days are exhausting.

This week, the interviews for Edvectus, which is the company I work for, fell in Johannesburg on Monday, Cape Town today and tomorrow are in Durban.  As there were so many Jo’burg teachers, they held the interviews over two days – Monday and yesterday. Mine were on Monday, which meant I got yesterday off, enabling me to recharge in time for today and tomorrow.

As I chilled yesterday, rested my eyes, did some washing and relaxed, I continually came back to how thankful I was that the Edvectus interviews were on Monday.

#58 of my 1000 thanks is absolutely that I had yesterday to recover! I said, “I’m so grateful for today” a number of times.

I hit today at high speed. Up early, off to a hotel and worked through the morning with a great bunch of applicants.

#59 of my 1000 thanks is that after major technical hitches everything turned out fine and we ended on time.

Now I’m at Cape Town international airport and about to fly to Durban for tomorrow’s round.


It will be good to get on the plane and recover from the morning’s activities. I have a small book with me – Jayne Eyre and I’m enjoying it. Yes. I. Am. Julian has wanted me to read it for a while and as it is so portable, I’m able to carry it round with me. I will endeavor to finish it but not today!

jane-eyre-smallIn fact I will have time to read some now. My flight takes off in a few hours time.

At these interviews many words are spoken. Here is some wise advice…


These are the days.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip

Helga 🙂


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