What Mike Gets Home To ;)


Today has been an indication of the ‘new normal’ for a Wednesday! Showtime included David who will join me on air from 7 – 8am on a Wednesday.  This is Jason’s last week at CCFm – he starts at his new job, outside of radio, on Friday. I will miss him! 🙂 He has such a fantastic attitude.
After the show, I wished Lynette a happy birthday! She does the admin for the sales department. I appreciate her! Happy Birthday Lynette!!

Birthday Girl LynetteShortly before 10-30am, I headed into town to see Granny! I was actually quite excited! She greeted me with a smile and then a series of ‘see! see! see!’ If that was good or bad, I’m not sure, but I loaded her into a wheelchair and we headed for the garden. She LOVED it. This is her favourite photo. When I showed it to her, she kept pointing to herself, as if to say, ‘there I am!’

Granny in the rose garden at LCHShe loves touching the flowers…

Admiring flowersWe sat in the garden for more than half an hour. I did cross-stitch (that’s a photo for another day) and she sat quite content to watch the birds search for worms…(can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is?)…

Birds finding wormsAt 11-45am, I took Granny back to her ward for lunch. Then came the hard part. I told her I loved her, kissed & said goodbye! Meantime, while in the garden, I had called Mike and arranged to meet him at the Sweet Plum Cafe for lunch…

LunchIt’s a very nice place and it’s going to be tempting to go there every time I go and visit Granny….

Love this placeMike had walked, so I dropped him back at the office and then drove to the Blue Route to do some birthday shopping! Tomorrow is Mike’s birthday and Friday is David’s. I had no idea what to buy Mike. He asked for long sleeved white shirts and 2 ties. How boring is that? Then Stacey whatapped me and asked if I could buy something for him from them as well! What does that mean? Add socks and underpants to the shirts and ties. Uber sad! I walked into Incredible Connection and spent all of 30 seconds deciding I had no idea what to buy and was on my way out when I spotted this…

Mikes birthday giftIt’s a telescope. I’ve had it in mind to buy him one before. The price wasn’t too bad, so while I was buying shirts at Woolworths, Stacey was googling it. She came back to say that it was the most popular telescope on Amazon! (Aren’t you glad Mike doesn’t read my blog?!) So this is what Mike gets home to this evening…

Wrapped!🙂  I’m not sure when he is going to open this. I usually exchange a few words with him when I wake up, but if he’s sleeping, I don’t. So, maybe we’ll have to wait for later in the day. I’ll see what he says when he gets home. For all I know he may want to open it tonight! So what a full, happy day it has been.

This is new normal for us. I feel I have a new lease on life. I always knew that Mike & I were making sacrifices in looking after his Mom, but I didn’t realise that releasing her into the care of others would result in such a massive reduction in responsibility. It’s like a 50kg burden has been removed from my shoulders.

Psalm 118:5 In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and He answered by setting me free.

Whew. Freedom from responsibility is one thing. Freedom through Jesus is far more permanent…

John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”.

Off to grill some fish!

God bless you loads!

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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