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Banting Tuna Muffins

Muffins are not traditionally associated with Banting. They always sound carb-loaded. Not these ones! This ¬†fabulous ¬†Tuna Muffin recipe which is not ¬†expensive, will go down well with both those who are Banting and those who choose not to. Serve … Continue reading

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Banting Sesame Crackers

I had these when I visited my friend Mary. She has a clinical dietitian friend named Sonja who made a number of low carb snacks, including these delicious sesame crackers. Seed crackers are well known today. This is a great … Continue reading

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Best Stir-Fry Ever

10-41 Twice this last week, I’ve whipped up a stir fry that has been an absolute hit with Mike. Getting it right once, is a fluke. Getting it right twice means it’s easy! So here we go…I cheated by buying … Continue reading

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5 Things About LCHF

12-52pm When it comes to the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle, which I have been learning about and trying to implement for the last 18 months, there are a few things which I think are important to point out. When … Continue reading

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Tim Noakes Tuesday – September 2013

5-44am With Prof Noakes in the studio today, I thought I’d make it easy for you and copy and paste links to all the previous talks onto this opening page. I’ve also copied Mark Mauder’s three day LCHF eating plan … Continue reading

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