Rain is Coming!


Today was the day…

We went swimming early.  This morning there was a fresh north wind blowing, a sure sign that rain is on the way. The tide was low and my swim was interesting.

I swam out to the blue barrel and around it without stopping.

As I headed for the beach, the sea was choppy. The tide was now coming in so that should have helped, but it was clashing with the north wind so it was more difficult to swim. There were lots of little waves. Suddenly I heard something, so stopped swimming to take a look. There was a whole school of surf-skiers – about half a dozen one side of me and just one on the other. No wonder there were extra waves. I think they had just spotted me and were calling to each other to mind the swimmer.  I swam away from them and then hung out a bit watching where they were going. After a while, they left the area and paddled to the other side of the bay. There’s certainly enough ocean for all of us. I must get myself a second skin top in bright pink so I’m more visible.

As I swam up and down I found myself thinking of how intentional I had to be in the sea this morning. If I just did nothing and floated on the surface of the sea, I would either get blown one way or dragged another. I had to purposely swim in the right direction. I thought about life and how I need to be intentional about living life right – living the right life – the life God wants me to live.  If I just do nothing, I’ll get blown one way or dragged another. Reading the Bible keeps me living the right life. It’s a constant reminder of which way to go. You have got to be alert in the ocean and you have to be alert in life as well.  Good life lessons in the sea!

As the day has passed, the north wind has got stronger and the cloud cover more foreboding. There have been a few drops of rain already.  If the rain comes as predicted it will be the most significant rain we have had since moving into the new house. It will be interesting to see how we bear up. I have a feeling we may have a bit of rain coming in through the windows on the north side. It will be a good test. Already the wind is howling and it’s a struggle going in and out the front door.  Most of our windows are double glazed so it is quite quiet inside.

The other thing that happened today was Mike noticed the gutter had come adrift from the downpipe. This was something that was supposed to have been fixed  before the builder went off site but it was overlooked and with the strong winds, the two came apart. Our long ladder is broken, so Mike and Courage had to assemble the scaffolding and Courage got up and under Mike’s instruction fixed it good and proper. It hopefully will not worry us again. The plank of wood was put in place to stablise the scaffolding which was wobbling in the wind.

Good job done. Grateful for Courage!

Luke 6:23

“Be happy! Yes, leap for joy! For a great reward awaits you in heaven.”

The best is yet to come – we are only passing through.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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