Building for a Year


Today was the day…

It was a year ago today that I made the first payment to the builder. At that stage our plans hadn’t been passed, so we did a deal for him to do the first stage of the build. Clear the land and build the steps. On 3rd October last year, I posted this photo…

The builder’s steps had been put up…

Now those steps have been roughed up. The little wooden gate is falling apart. There has been so much traffic up and down the mountain side, it is not surprising that the stone steps they built a year ago have broken in places. Fixing them is one of the jobs that has to be done before Werner officially hands over the keys. Things are finishing up bit by bit. The kitchen is beginning to come together…

Looking from our bedroom doors towards Fish Hoek…

And from Fish Hoek side towards our bedroom…

The next ten days will really reveal how close we are to moving in.  I need to start some serious packing!

I had a quiet day. I went to gym early and laboured through 40 lengths in the pool. It was before coffee and breakfast and it was hard work. Mid morning,  I went to the Board shop for Mike to get some wood edged. I had a visit from Riana and a nice long call with Stacey.  In the evening, we had dinner with Julian at home and now I’m ready for bed.

Covid numbers in the Western Cape – 217 new cases in the last 24 hours.

Covid 19 stats – South Africa –

  • Friday 24th July – 13944 new cases (maximum we had in a day)– 250 deaths (245 771 recoveries/169 882 active)
  • Sat 26 Sept – 969 new cases – 64 deaths (601818 recoveries/ 51304 active)
  • Sun 27 Sept – 1268 new cases – 22 deaths (603721 recoveries/50647 active)
  • Mon 28 Sept – 903 new cases – 188 deaths (604478 recoveries/50605 active)
  • Tues 29 Sept – Also 903 new cases – 81 deaths (606520 recoveries/49385 active)
  • Wed 30 Sept – 1767 new cases – 67 deaths (608112 recoveries/49493 active)
  • Thur 1 Oct – 1745 new cases – 132 deaths (609584 recoveries/49634 active)
  • Frid 2 Oct – 1749 new cases – 43 deaths (611044 recoveries/49880 active)

Total cases: 677833   Total deaths: 16909

Psalm 7:17

I will praise the Lord according to His righteousness, and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.

The best is yet to come.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂


1 year and 325


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