A Break in Routine


Today was the day…

I broke from routine and left home just before 8am to drive to Claremont.  I had an appointment for my new tooth to be fitted. The traffic was crazy. My Garmin led me off the M3 and up Wynberg Hill, finally along Main Rd Claremont before telling me to turn right down to the taxi rank. Completely out of my range of familiarity I blindly obeyed and found myself on a broad and empty boulevard going round the back of the building I was due to visit. I soon found a familiar set of traffic lights and was relieved to get there with a few minutes to spare. It had taken me best part of an hour to get from Fish Hoek to Claremont.

The outcome – the crown is still the wrong colour. He put the temporary one back and I have to return in 2 weeks.

The view from outside the dentist building. A view to stop and admire.

From there I went to the Southern Sun hotel next door and spent the morning working. Julian flew in from Johannesburg and caught an Uber to the hotel and then came home with me.

I worked this afternoon and then went for a short walk to the end of the road. End of Echo view…

Storm clouds are gathering and it’s chilly.

Tomorrow, we should have rain.

There are a couple of things, I have forgotten to write about. The first pertains to my mud  mishap. That happened on Saturday. I felt fine and completely uninjured but on Sunday I woke up with sore muscles down the inside of both my arms. When I slipped I fell forward and both my forearms hit the ground with a rough thud. They are better today.

The other thing I meant to mention yesterday was I saw a shooting star! I was up early and standing at my bedroom windows, when I suddenly saw something shooting across the sky. It was not very high up in the sky. It was dark and all I could see was a small light moving at speed. At first I wondered if it was some sort of helicopter but it was going too fast & there was no noise. I thought it could have been a flare but it was too small. It wasn’t falling – it literally was shooting horizontally. I watched it cross the length of my windows and then in a split second the light was gone.  Memorable.

Psalm 68:19
Blessed be the Lord! Day after day He bears our burdens; God is our salvation.

The best is yet to come – we are only passing through.

Keep the smile going.

God bless you.

In His Grip,

Helga xx 🙂

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